Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer 

One of the few artists to refashion the Maison’s iconic pattern completely since its creation, Urs Fischer reinterpreted the Monogram’s flowers and LV initials in new hand-drawn enlarged and distorted versions that he calls “memory sketches”. This new Monogram is the collaboration’s key decorative motif, featured throughout the collection. The collaboration also features a series of whimsical, animated characters created by the artist. Explore the collection at http://on.louisvuitton.com/6051HrbqF​ 

Post Production:
3D Matchmove: Rafael Casagrande // Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
Compositing: Rafael Casagrande // Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
3D Artists: François Puren // Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
Render: Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
Color Grading: Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
Project Supervision: Rodrigo Pires (Sid Seed)
Audio: Thiago Gautério
Music : « Prelude » by Clara 3000

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